Le Mans Classic - 2018

6-8 July 2018

A Marcos 1800 (Volvo) GT will be competing in the Le Mans Classic this year, exactly 50 years after it first raced as Le Mans.

For full details please see the press release.

Also, not to be missed, both Computercentre LM600s and a factory LM500 are scheduled to be on track during the 'Global Endurance Legends' timetabled for

  • Friday between 10:45 and 11:15
  • Saturday between 13:22 and 13:57 (you've got to admire the timetabling optimism!)

If any members going to Le Mans Classic 2018 would like their photos of the event to be shown on this website please email them to me at chris.bell@clubmarcos.net