Autumn Classic, Castle Combe

Marcos 1800GT
Marcos 1800 GT

Marsh Family to celebrate 60th Anniversary at Castle Combe Autumn Classic 

The Club is hoping for a large Marcos presence of all Marcos owners and enthusiasts at the Autumn Classic at Castle Combe on Saturday 5 October 2019.

Club bookings can be made using this link, the Club code for discounted tickets was included in the covering letter of the Summer CMI magazine.

Put this event firmly in your calendars and make sure your cars are still taxed.

The following is from Chris Marsh regarding the Family Celebration:

For all Marcos owners who attend the event - you are invited back to my new place, just 20 minutes from the circuit, near Chippenham, after the event for the official Marsh Family celebration of the 60th Anniversary and launch party of our new venture, Chris Marsh Classics.   We will provide food and soft drinks and it will be an all-ticket event, but tickets are FREE!    

Please email to RSVP no later than 25th September at which point I will email you a short form to fill in so we know numbers and catering preferences.  

To bring the 60th Anniversary year to a fitting close Lyn Marsh and Chris Marsh have arranged a special race for Marcos 1800s to challenge for the new Jem Marsh Memorial Trophy at the Castle Combe Autumn Classic on Saturday 5 October 2019. 

Bringing a glorious year of celebrations to a close, Lyn and Chris hope that as many Marcos owners as possible will be able to make it to the Wiltshire circuit that has an iconic association with the marque.  With up to 10,000 visitors potentially attending the event the Marsh family are keen to show the very best of the marque to the general public as Marcos returns to its roots. 

Chris says “Not only is there the potential for some demonstration laps, thanks to Julius Thurgood, we have also arranged for a special one-off challenge race for Marcos 1800s to be run within the Historic Racing Drivers Club Allstars Race at the event”. 

“We really hope that we can attract as many of the racing 1800s as possible.  Since I’ve returned to the racing scene, I’ve been proud to see how many 1800s are racing and doing so well!  I would love for as many racing 1800 owners as possible to join us at Castle Combe, both from the UK and Europe too.   This would be a great way to remember my father and the Marcos legacy – remind the public that Marcos isn’t just a pretty face!” 

Lyn and Chris welcome all Marcos owners to the day, whether members of a club or not and also to join them at an evening celebratory ‘do’ near the circuit… see below for details. 

Chris says: “The family loves the idea of celebrating the Marcos heritage and remembering Jem. He would be so proud to know that his cars are still stealing the show all these years after he started the marque. We are creating an award in Jem’s memory for the best performance in a Marcos.” 

If you plan to attend the event, either let Isobel Chivers know through the Club Marcos International club booking, or let us know as we have arranged a Marsh family ‘club’ for the event (identical terms as standard club booking) for the event –and we will be co-located with CMI. 

If you are interested in racing at the event, please contact the HRDC directly and entry forms will be downloadable here   Normal entry fees + short term membership of HRDC required. 

As Lyn says “Lets make this a finale to remember after what is going to be an outstanding year in the history of the Marque, thanks to you all!”